Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Computer Giveaway!

So...Kelly from and Jen from are giving away a free HP touch computer! I think in all blogher is giving away five of these computers! Go check it out here or here and enter to win!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Cal

This is precious Cal Owen Hanna with his parents, Marcus and Courtney. He was born on March 17, 2009. He has been suffering from seizures for over a month. The doctors are working diligently to pinpoint the cause of the seizures. Please go here and leave a message of encouragement for his parents. Please get on your knees and pray for baby Cal!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Pictures

As you can tell by the new header...we had family pictures taken. I am ashamed to say that these are our first family pictures with Malachi :( I need to be better at getting them taken. We just ran over to Kiddie Kandids and had them taken. I can't wait for Chelsea to take our family pictures that are not necessarily posed! I'll let her get this wedding behind her first. :)
Anyway, trying to get 3 kids to smile at the same time is just ridiculous. Malachi was doing good until then end and, of course, that was his time to take his picture!

Here they go:

Toothfairy, where are you???

So, I am going to admit that I am the WORST toothfairy on the planet! Jordenne had to have her front tooth pulled because of an infection. She fell on it when she was 2 and the infection just started to show up! It took the toothfairy ONE WEEK to put money under her pillow. We are so super busy that the minute I slow down, I fall asleep. I know that is a poor, pitiful excuse but it is so true! The good thing is that it didn't bother Jordenne!

We took Jordenne to a wonderful pediatric dentist here in town. Jordy had already been once so she acted like she owned the place! The pediatrician came out and introduced herself and asked if I had any questions. After my 50 questions, Jordenne was able to take the giggle juice. The dental assistant told me it would take about 10 minutes to take effect. She sent Jordenne and I to the play room. Jordy was playing very calmly with the blocks...until about 9 minutes in! She looked up at me with a huge smile on her face, then picked up a rubber snake and started twirling around like a lasso! It was very comical :) When the dental assistant came out to take her back, Jordenne insisted on picking up the blocks herself. Giggle juice does not allow children to have any balance, so I was having to hold her up under her arms to pick up the blocks! They took her back to a small room and let her pick out a stuffed animal and a blanket. Then they put oxygen on her and kicked me out of the room. How dare them kick me out?!? :)

As a mommy, it is so hard to see your baby put "under." Before I even finished a conversation with a dental assistant I had gone to high school with, it was all over! Jordenne went home with her daddy so I could get back to school. He said she had a few crying fits coming down from the giggle juice, but it wasn't too bad. Now she is oh-so-proud of her missing tooth and so happy that the tooth fairy FINALLY made a stop in Cleburne!!

p.s. The dentist showed me the x-rays and how much space was between her baby teeth and permanent teeth! She said it would be 2-3 years before the permanent tooth would come in. So, Jordenne will have one missing front tooth in her kindergarten, first, and second grade pictures!!!!

**pictures coming

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School!

Yes, I did make it out of the school building before I bursted into tears!!! Wow, taking your baby girl to kindergarten is not easy. It is so great to be able to watch her grow and go through new stages in her life, but not so fast! SLOW DOWN, JORDENNE!!! Isaak had a fantastic first day of second grade...he is such the big boy now. Their classes are very close to each so they see each other a few times. Jordenne has a wonderful teacher; one that I've known since I was little. Isaak teacher seems great. She is the first teacher that I haven't known personally so this year will be a little different for me. I've heard she is structured and strict, so that will be great for Isaak.

My first day went well, too. 120 sixth graders scared to death and in a panic because they cannot get their locker open is always a blast ;). Really, they seem like a sweet group and I am blessed to be able to get to know so many new faces. I have moved up to 8th grade athletics so I have the same girls as last year. This year will be a lot of fun!

I will let Isaak and Jordenne tell you about their first day of school!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Big Boy

My Malachi turned the big 2 in July! Time has flown by so quickly and I can't believe how fast he has grown. He is certainly the best gift the Lord has ever blessed me with. I cannot imagine my life without him. He has quite the personality! I'm just going to list a few things about him:

  • The list of words he can say is not too long! They include: mama, dada, mimi (short for grammie), pops, ball, please, bubba, oh man, this, and amen. (I'm not worried about him not talking--he still signs a lot, and he will start talking when he's ready)

  • In church if the man saying the prayer prays longer than 20 seconds, Chi starts saying "amen" loudly!

  • Malachi LOVES anything sports...He is constantly swinging whatever he has in his hands like a bat and runs the bases. Anytime he sees the Nike swoosh, he swings his imaginary golf club. He will get in a down position and run a route when you say hut. He likes to kick the volleyball around like it is a soccer ball.

  • He LOVES the Texas Rangers!! His birthday party was themed with them. When we go to the games, he never misses a pitch. He puts his hands up like he is batting and will swing at pitches. The funny thing is that sometimes he doesn't swing like he thinks it is a ball! He loves to do the "Byrd" when Marlon (or if you're Anna, Marvin) gets up to bat! He recognizes their logo anywhere and screams "ball"!!

  • He has no care for cartoons or kid's shows, but will watch ESPN all day.

  • He absolutely loved his precious babysitter that kept him last year. Tony is going to be able to stay home with him this year...yea!

  • He likes to wear his baseball cap backwards.
  • He wears a baseball helmet around the house 90% of the time we're home.

  • He will do ANYTHING that his bubba does.

  • He loves to hear the front door open and yells either "dada" or "mimi" and is usually right!

  • When he goes out the front door he turns and goes directly to my parents house just to go say hi to pops!
  • He has lots of curly hair that I refuse to cut :)

  • Malachi loves his cousin, Elliott. Next door at my parents' house he carries her picture around.
  • He loves to eat pretty much anything.
  • He loves his family!!

Well, that was more than a few but I'm his mommy; what did you expect??

You'll have to excuse my extra-large face...I had toxemia :(

The swaddling last like two weeks...he hated it!

Here's my 5 month old Chi that had a really hard time gaining weight!

Cute little six month old toes!

Elliott (11 months) and Chi (9 months) at Easter

My future ACU Wildcat!

One Year Old!

18 months old at Mommy's baskeball game

On our way to Sea World! 20 months old

Trying some Coke at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. 23 months old

Malachi is TWO!!

Malachi, Your Daddy and I could have never imagined how much joy you have brought into our lives. We love you with all of our hearts...we know God loves you more, but that is so hard to fathom! Our prayer is that you grow up and walk the path the Lord leads you down. But don't grow up to fast!!

3 years from 30!

Although my birthday was on Monday, the first day of teacher inservice, it was great!! I went to lunch with my co-workers, which now includes my little brother who also happened to buy my lunch that day:) After I got home, my husband and kids brought home a cake, card, and balloons. It was so fun watching them be so excited about the gifts!!

We went to Babe's for my birthday dinner. If you live in Central Texas and have never been to Babe's, please do yourself a favor and go!!! My daddy, mom, husband, sister, brother-in-law, brother, nieces, and children all were there. I had a blast even though I had to get up and run around like a chicken while they sang to me!

My parents and husband got me a flip! It is so much fun. I recommend getting one, especially if you have children.
I also got a really cute polka-dotted koozie with K on it from my sister. (I can't seem to find a picture on the internet that will do it justice!)
Thanks to my family for making my birthday so special!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Swingin'

After four days, 30 bottles of water, tons of sweat, and major patience from three precious children--we have a swingset!!

I don't think I've ever seen this much wood! Mother and I spent a few hours sealing the wood.

Then we put the swing part together!

Chi was trying to be patient, but he thought he would give it a try! Didn't work very well :)

Then came the monkey bars...

Then came the big fort that goes in the middle of the swingset. It was tons of work!!

We had three little helpers!

After we finally finished the fort, it started coming together!

We love when cousins come to visit!!

The first day it was completed, the kids played on it for 4 hours without fighting!!! We thank mom and dad so much for the wonderful gift for the kids. I know it will bring the kids years of fun!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wayback Whensday....on a Thursday :)

If you know my husband and I, then you know we met at Abilene Christian University. ACU holds a big place in our hearts because it is a place we both love very much! One thing I love about ACU is that they always keep in touch. They send your children things for monumental times in their lives. The first picture, which is my "way back whensday" picture, is Malachi wearing the onesie they sent him when he turned 1. He looks so small and sweet in these picture!

When the mail arrived yesterday, there was a package for Jordenne!

She was so excited to get a package from ACU!

She was even more excited when she realized it was a backpack for kindergarten!

She is SO ready for kindergarten...I just hope her teacher is ready for HER!!!