Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Big Surprise!

Chi is going to be a big brother! Obviously, if you know about my pregnancy with Malachi, you know that I was not "supposed" to get pregnant. But if you know my God, you know that our plans are not always His plans. In July, on our family cruise, Tony and I found out we were unexpectedly expecting! I knew something wasn't right, so I bought a pregnancy test in Cozumel and took it right when I got back on the ship. Needless to say, no more kiss-on-the-lips drinks for me!

Being honest about the pregnancy--in the beginning, I was not excited. I cried when telling my mother. I had dreams every night about people being mad at me because I was pregnant. I was mad at myself for incidently putting my whole family in this situation. I knew it wasn't going to be an exciting thing to tell everyone. I struggled with even being pregnant.

I was going to wait until my high-risk appointment to even tell my siblings, but when my sister called to tell me she was expecting, I couldn't hold it in anymore! She told me she is due March 14th and then I let her know I was due March 17th. I still can't believe are pregnancies are so close together.

A few weeks ago we found out we are having another BOY!!! Tony wanted a girl, but was totally fine with another boy. I wanted a boy all along. :) On the way home from the appointment, Tony and I stopped at Old Navy and bought baby boy some clothes. When I got home, I wrapped them up and let the kids open a gift for the new baby so they could see if it was going to be a boy or girl. Isaak was excited, Jordenne was upset, and Chi didn't understand why the clothes didn't fit him!
I will do a post later on why we are naming him Miles James Cunningham!