Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Pictures

Saturday, I took my kiddos to Granbury to get their pictures taken by A & C Photography! They had so much fun and I love how the pictures turned out. If you live in the DFW area, they do a great job and have great prices. Go check them out :)

Make sure you go check them out!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

My precious little girl turns 6 on the 28th and we celebrated by going to American Girl on Monday of spring break! I had been telling her for about a week that I had a special girl trip planned for her birthday. Monday morning she was so excited as we (me, mom, and Jordy) headed to Ft. Worth to meet my sister and two nieces.

We headed from Ft. Worth to Dallas (which took about an hour longer thanks to two sisters not able to shut up talking and watch for the correct exit!) and parked underground at the Galleria. There were many little girls walking with us holding their dolls and Jordenne kept looking at them and them looking at me! When we made it to the store, her eyes were huge! She was so excited that she was going to get a doll that looked just like her!!!

The American Girl boutique at the Galleria in Dallas.

Jordenne and Elliott Kate waiting to go in!

Trying to get a group picture...wasn't working too well!!

They have big glass cases with all the dolls dressed up. In one case they have the "Just Like You" dolls and Jordenne went straight to the one that my sister and I had already pointed out to each other. The doll looks a lot like Jordy! She was so sweet making sure that Elle and Beckett were having fun and made sure they were getting a doll, too!

Elliott, Beckett, and Jordenne

Jordenne and I after she picked out her doll. Jordenne named her Mia Michelle. Michelle is my middle name...isn't that sweet! We had a blast looking around the store and picking out an outfit for Jordenne and her doll to have that match! Hopefully, I will get pictures of that soon.

Thanks, Grammie, for the doll and lunch and a perfect birthday celebration!

On Tuesday, we left for Abilene to go visit Tony's family. We had a very good time, including amazing food cooked by my MIL. I love spending time with my in-laws! Thursday we had to come home early because Jordenne got the stomach virus. :( Friday went something like this--shopping with my sister and nieces--lots of good deals--spent way too much money--good lunch at On the Border--went to Hobby Lobby(my favorite place)--got home to my family--got the stupid stomach virus! YUCK...seriously, it was probably one of the worst stomach viruses I have ever had. It reminded me of my pregnant days and I'm not talking about the good ones! Then we were back to Monday....waking up fighting, etc!

Spring Break was a blast (except for the last part), but most of all it made me ready for SUMMER! 9 more Mondays of school. :)