Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Most Random Post Ever

This post is just a bunch of rambling....I'm just writing it so one day I can read it and remember what we were up to...

On Tuesday before Thanksgiving I had a doctor's appointment. The kids and my brother-in-law were all with us since we were headed to Abilene after the appointment. The doctor let them all come in and see the sonogram! The kids loved it. Malachi kept asking the technician if Miles was growing. The whole time Miles had his feet crossed and in front of his face! She tried to do 4D, but he had too much in front of his face. He weighed 1 pound 12 ounces and everything looked great. PTL! I discussed everything that I had talked about with my cardiologist and bottom line is that we won't know what to expect until I have my echo on Decemeber 30th. If you have time, would you say a prayer about the echo?? Thanks ;)

We spent Thanksgiving with Tony's family. We had a great time. We were able to celebrate Isaak's birthday while we were in Abilene and we got to spend some time with Mamaw. She is such a special lady and I know that these holidays are super hard without Papaw. Friday morning we drove home and were able to spend time with my mom's side of the family. Lots of love and laughs, and maybe the best part was watching the Mavs beat the Spurs with my super Spurs fan aunt Ronda. On Saturday, my mom and I were able to go shopping. I was a little worried about how long I would be able to walk around before my feet swelled to the size of watermelons, but I felt great. I love spending a day with just my mom. I was able to get almost all of "Santa" shopping done for the kids!! Yea!

We let the kids do their trees for their rooms last night. Jordenne's is lots of girly colors with beads and sparkly ornaments. Isaak and Chi's is a sports tree. Did you expect anything else? They had a great time making their trees. Excuse the crazy hair and the "worn" look...what can I say, it was after a long day of school, baseball, and basketball practice. Speaking of, just this week alone, Isaak had basketball practice Monday, TOT's and baseball practice Tuesday, baseball practice and basketball Wednesday night, and baseball practice last night...How did my parents' do this with 3 children that played sports. We only have a couple of years until all three of ours are so involved. I have a feeling will not know what "relaxing" means for 18 more years!

I started this post a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now finishing it!!!

Now, I am 3 1/2 days away from Christmas break. I have been feeling pretty good for the most part. My legs and back ache and I have terrible indigestion, but it could be worse, right?!? I think we even have a break from basketball for a couple of weeks so that will be nice to have nothing to do. I did get Christmas shopping for my kids finished. Tony and I did not go overboard this year...I'm so proud! Usually at the last minute I go buy junk. Not this year!

Last Sunday at church a special, special child was baptized. Caleb is 14 and just a jewel. He has Down Syndrome, but knows what it is to love the Lord. It was amazing to watch how excited he was. We should all be like that everyday! During church Sunday, when we were participating in communion, Malachi asked me if the bread was a chip. I told him no, it was bread that represented Jesus' body because he died for us and that is how we remember Him. He said, "That's Jesus' body? And you like that?!?" His facial expression was priceless. I pray that one day he likes it, too!

Tomorrow, I will be 27 weeks along! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown. You oughta see me out there coaching basketball with this big ole belly! My belly is measuring 2 weeks ahead so you can imagine the comments I get on a daily basis. The most common one is, "Oh my, you'll never make it to March!" Thanks, people, thanks. :)

If you for some reason made it down this far in this random post, make sure you go check out my kiddos' pictures at www.aandcphotos.com.

Have a blessed day!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


My mom took my kids to Granbury yesterday to let my sister take pictures! Tony and I were able to relax and have a wonderful evening by ourselves!! That rarely happens. It was so nice to be able to hang out with my husband without someone yelling, "Mommy!"

My sister let me see three of them last night and I am in love. She is so very talented in everything she does and becomes a better photographer with every session she takes. I wanted to share her website and the three pictures she let me see...I can't wait to see the rest! She and her SIL do a fabulous job. Their website is www.aandcphotos.com.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miles James

I am 21 weeks along, which means I have 17 more weeks to go! I really doesn't seem like that long, especially with everything I need to do before he gets here. I have had lots of doctors appointments and go to the cardiologist today. Honestly, I'm a little nervous about going to the cardiologist. I guess I think if I don't think about it then nothing is wrong! I'm going to believe that nothing is wrong because I have an amazing doctor taking care of me--God!

Anyway, off to the real reason I started this post--my son's name.

I just really love the name Miles. It was the first name I thought of and Tony liked it, too! I can't imagine him being anything else. Malachi was "Carter" for the first seven months of my pregnancy and then we switched...I don't think we'll be changing with this one!
What a strong name, right? This name is after three men, whom Tony and I love dearly.
Tony's dad. He is such a strong, devoted Christian. He is a man of integrity; a man that I would love all three boys to grow up and be just like. He raised Tony from a young age. He loves Tony and his siblings like they are his own blood. He has a great sense of humor. He doesn't share his opinion much, but when he does we listen. He has great words of wisdom. He loves to give us heck about the Cowboys (which deserve it this year) and the Rangers. I love to sit and talk with him when we visit. He is such a great grandpa and we are so honored to name our son after Dad.
My Papa. Growing up we were always at Papa's shop watching the king of furniture build his masterpieces. Because of Papa, Miles will use the word "sofa" instead of "couch." Growing up we took all our vacations with Papa in the motorhome. He always took time to make sure we kids were having fun, even if it meant him busting his bottom during a game of tag! In my adult life, I have learned just how much love he has for Jesus. How he wants all of us to grow in the Lord. I have learned great lessons from his life and I love the example he has set for my sons. It gives Tony and I such joy to be able to name our son after Papa.
Papaw. Papaw is Isaak and Jordenne's grandfather. He is very special to me because he loved me without hesitation from the second I met him. He was a great Papa to all three of my kids. He has such a love for people. He could talk for hours about anything. He loved baseball. He loved preaching. He adored anything that would be of service to others. He never hesitated to share his opinion with me or Tony, and we are thankful for that! He is not on Earth anymore, but he has given Tony and I great stories to share with Miles. He will be Miles' angel! We are very proud to name our son after Papaw.
We are so excited that we will be able to meet Miles in just a few short months! Please keep us and our health in your prayers!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Big Surprise!

Chi is going to be a big brother! Obviously, if you know about my pregnancy with Malachi, you know that I was not "supposed" to get pregnant. But if you know my God, you know that our plans are not always His plans. In July, on our family cruise, Tony and I found out we were unexpectedly expecting! I knew something wasn't right, so I bought a pregnancy test in Cozumel and took it right when I got back on the ship. Needless to say, no more kiss-on-the-lips drinks for me!

Being honest about the pregnancy--in the beginning, I was not excited. I cried when telling my mother. I had dreams every night about people being mad at me because I was pregnant. I was mad at myself for incidently putting my whole family in this situation. I knew it wasn't going to be an exciting thing to tell everyone. I struggled with even being pregnant.

I was going to wait until my high-risk appointment to even tell my siblings, but when my sister called to tell me she was expecting, I couldn't hold it in anymore! She told me she is due March 14th and then I let her know I was due March 17th. I still can't believe are pregnancies are so close together.

A few weeks ago we found out we are having another BOY!!! Tony wanted a girl, but was totally fine with another boy. I wanted a boy all along. :) On the way home from the appointment, Tony and I stopped at Old Navy and bought baby boy some clothes. When I got home, I wrapped them up and let the kids open a gift for the new baby so they could see if it was going to be a boy or girl. Isaak was excited, Jordenne was upset, and Chi didn't understand why the clothes didn't fit him!
I will do a post later on why we are naming him Miles James Cunningham!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

I cannot believe that I didn't get any pictures of that wonderful day! We went to the Ranger game with my family. Mom, Daddy, Anna, Eddie, Tony, Me, Elliott, Beckett, Isaak, Jordenne, and Chi, enjoyed a fun filled day at a really long baseball game!

Mother's Day is such a special day to me because it is a great reminder of the blessings in my life. God blessed me with two bonus kids--I couldn't have asked for more. I truly don't ever think of them as my step-children. They are like my own and there is no difference between them and Chi. God knew I wanted a house full of kids and this was His plan on how to do it! I am so thankful that he chose to give me these children.

Playday in Pictures...

and a few words! Jordenne had her first playday ever as a kindergartener at Gerard and Isaak competed in his third playday as a second grader. They had a blast and we had fun watching them compete!






This was funny to watch! Isaak was falling at the end, which is seen in this picture, and

he lunged forward to cross the finish line first! He won by the tips of his fingers. :)











It was a fun day for all and my great boss let me out of school for a couple of hours to watch my kiddos!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ten of My Favorite Things...

I love reading blogs when people journal about their favorite things, so I've decided to write about ten of my favorite things! (By the way, these are in no particular order!)

1. My children! I cannot say enough about how much joy they bring into my life. I get so excited when I see pregnant couples because they just don't know how exciting their life is about to become!

2. My husband. He is a complete doll. He is my best friend. God did such a good job molding him for me. I am blessed. :)3. Coaching. Although it does take up a lot of my time, it is so rewarding. Middle school girls are both fun and challenging. This is a picture of my first team. We went 7-0 in district. These girls will always be very special to me! 4. Playoffs! Playoffs bring such great games to watch. The intensity and competitiveness rises to a new level. The Mavericks just won in game 1 against the Spurs. I was lucky enough to get to go to the Cowboys playoff game against the Eagles this past season and it was amazing. The atmosphere is unbelievable. Some of you may think I'm crazy when I say that's what I imagine Heaven to be like. So excited that I will be a part of it!
5. Baseball. I love spring because it brings baseball season along with it! One of my absolute favorite things to do is go to the Ballpark in Arlington. We go to about 15 games a year and watch almost all the other ones on television. I like gametracker for when I'm away, too. I am definitely wishing that we make it to the World Series this year! I also love to watch my oldest son play ball. He plays on a select team and has since kindergarten. Hopefully, these same boys will play together through high school.

6. Coke. I really like Coca-Cola~the real thing. I drink Diet Coke a lot, but that's just because it doesn't have any calories! This is Jordy with two of my loves at the Coca-Cola Factory in Atlanta last summer.

7. Cruising!!! My husband and I were married on a cruise ship. This July I will go on my fourth cruise. There is not much better than being in the middle of the ocean with family and friends, but no computers, phones, emails, etc... It is so relaxing and such fun for all of us to get together!

8. Shopping for Jordenne. I know...sounds vain; but I do love to shop for her!

9. Baths. I don't get to take them often, but a warm bath with candles and a capella music is a very relaxing time for me.

10. Coming home to a clean house. My husband, like I mentioned before, is amazing. He stays home with Malachi during the week and one day a week he spends the entire day cleaning. It is so nice to come home to a place where clothes and toys don't occupy the floor!