Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Pictures

As you can tell by the new header...we had family pictures taken. I am ashamed to say that these are our first family pictures with Malachi :( I need to be better at getting them taken. We just ran over to Kiddie Kandids and had them taken. I can't wait for Chelsea to take our family pictures that are not necessarily posed! I'll let her get this wedding behind her first. :)
Anyway, trying to get 3 kids to smile at the same time is just ridiculous. Malachi was doing good until then end and, of course, that was his time to take his picture!

Here they go:

Toothfairy, where are you???

So, I am going to admit that I am the WORST toothfairy on the planet! Jordenne had to have her front tooth pulled because of an infection. She fell on it when she was 2 and the infection just started to show up! It took the toothfairy ONE WEEK to put money under her pillow. We are so super busy that the minute I slow down, I fall asleep. I know that is a poor, pitiful excuse but it is so true! The good thing is that it didn't bother Jordenne!

We took Jordenne to a wonderful pediatric dentist here in town. Jordy had already been once so she acted like she owned the place! The pediatrician came out and introduced herself and asked if I had any questions. After my 50 questions, Jordenne was able to take the giggle juice. The dental assistant told me it would take about 10 minutes to take effect. She sent Jordenne and I to the play room. Jordy was playing very calmly with the blocks...until about 9 minutes in! She looked up at me with a huge smile on her face, then picked up a rubber snake and started twirling around like a lasso! It was very comical :) When the dental assistant came out to take her back, Jordenne insisted on picking up the blocks herself. Giggle juice does not allow children to have any balance, so I was having to hold her up under her arms to pick up the blocks! They took her back to a small room and let her pick out a stuffed animal and a blanket. Then they put oxygen on her and kicked me out of the room. How dare them kick me out?!? :)

As a mommy, it is so hard to see your baby put "under." Before I even finished a conversation with a dental assistant I had gone to high school with, it was all over! Jordenne went home with her daddy so I could get back to school. He said she had a few crying fits coming down from the giggle juice, but it wasn't too bad. Now she is oh-so-proud of her missing tooth and so happy that the tooth fairy FINALLY made a stop in Cleburne!!

p.s. The dentist showed me the x-rays and how much space was between her baby teeth and permanent teeth! She said it would be 2-3 years before the permanent tooth would come in. So, Jordenne will have one missing front tooth in her kindergarten, first, and second grade pictures!!!!

**pictures coming