Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stomach Virus, Easter, the Flu, and the Hospital...

...that pretty much sums up the past week. Monday at school I started feeling pretty lousy so I went home right after school and laid on the sofa. Not much longer after that I was hanging out in the bathroom with the stomach virus.

3AM Tuesday morning...Jordenne, Malachi, and I had a stomach virus party in the bathroom. I guess Tony and Isaak weren't invited--lucky dogs. Jordenne seemed to be fine after our party, but not me or Malachi. I stayed home from school Tuesday and Tony took off work to take care of all of us.

Wednesday I came back to school (boo) not feeling well and Malachi went to the babysitter. She said he wasn't acting normal all day...poor guy.

Thursday everyone seemed to be doing much better. Tony had stayed home for a few days because Wal-Mart is strange and won't pay sick hours unless you take at least 3 days. He did ALL the laudry and the house was spotless. What a good man!

Unfortunately, Friday we had school because of the bad weather we had in January and I had nowhere to take Malachi. So, he came to school with me. He didn't act like he felt real well, but acted like an angel while we were at school. I noticed that he really hadn't been eating, especially when he turned away the pop tart that Isaak was trying to give him. He LOVES pop tarts. Such a nutritious breakfast, huh? If you know Malachi, you know he is an EATER!!!

Stomach Virus #2--Saturday it started again for Chi...poor guy. Tony and I were at a wedding so my mom was dealing with the vomiting. He seemed much better when Tony and I got home. Sunday morning I woke up with the FLU...wow, it was miserable. I even cried...and I'm 26. My skin hurt, my hair hurt, every inch of my body hurt and I was running fever. Tony got up and got the kids ready for Easter Sunday while I laid in bed. I was sad I couldn't go. The kids looked cute, but I have no pictures :(. I did manage to get up and watch the little easter egg hunt in the front yard. Malachi stopped after he got one egg...he just opened it and started eating the candy. We let him eat it because he had stopped showing signs of the stomach virus.

Then, guess what? Here comes more throw up. Poor Tony--I was so sick I couldn't help him. Monday morning we got up--my fever broke in the middle of the night--and took Malachi to Cook Children's Hospital for dehydration. They gave him IV fluids and Zofran. He didn't sleep well last night, but is feeling much better! When I get home, I'll attach a picture of him in his hospital gown. Although he was too cute, I don't want to see him in one again!

Hopefully, the next post will show NO SICKNESS in the Cunningham household. It's been a rough winter--pray for the sick demons to leave my house!

After looking at these, he doesn't look too sick, but my poor baby had nothing in his tummy for a week!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

San Antonio, Sea World, and So much fun!

Spring break went extremely too fast! Thought I'd get some "me" time in there, but that didn't work out :) I got to spend some fabulous time with my kiddos and work a little bit in the yard!

The first couple of days we spent playing baseball and then we went to Abilene for a couple of days. On Thursday we left for San Antonio and stayed with my aunt, uncle, and cousins! Lots of more family came down for the weekend because my little cousin Haley was baptized :)

Jordenne and Chi playing with cousin Ethan!
Friday morning Tony, the kids, and I went to San Marcos to the outlet mall and literally spent ALL day. Tony bought me a Coach purse that I've wanted for awhile; what a sweet man! We bought Isaak an under armour shirt that he wears every other day...he thinks it shows his muscles, but really it shows how skinny he is! Every morning he wears it to school under his real shirt we have to have a talk about how it is just an undershirt and not take his real shirt off! It was fun and we got a lot of great deals!

Friday night we went to La Hacienda (spl?) and it was so much fun! We ate outside on the patio with a live band and we were close to the bar, too! The kids had a lot of fun playing with their cousin, Ethan.

Saturday we got up and headed to Sea World, which was about 45 minutes away from my uncle's house. We stopped and ate breakfast at IHOP and the kids were so excited about seeing Shamu...they kept telling everyone where we were going! We met up with Tony's parents, sister, and nephews. The kids don't get to see each other very often...I think they were more excited about seeing each other than they were about Sea World. We headed to the park and realized how SUPER crowded it was! All in all it was a great day, even though we had to wait an hour to see Shamu!
In the car waiting for family!
The Cunningham/Carrion Crew...Jeremiah, Isaiah, Isaak, Johntae, Jordenne, and Malachi

Watching the sea lion show...too funny!!

Angie and I with most of the kids waiting in line to get on the Shamu Express!

Malachi finding creative ways to have a good time!

My little Jordy was so pooped!!

After waiting an hour we finally got to see Shamu!!!