Monday, March 16, 2009

a WHOLE hand!!!

Our little princess, Jordenne, is turning FIVE this month (on the 28th)! It seems like yesterday when she was born.

The story of Jordenne:

First 12 months: She cried, cried, cried, and did some more crying.....unless you were standing up with her. She didn't have much hair in the beginning, except for a blob on the top of her head. I LOVED to buy little girlie clothing :) Since I didn't have any experience in the "motherhood" aspect of life when she was born, I know I did tons of things that were not "by the book," but needless to say she turned out fine! She was VERY attached to me.

1 year old: I remember her first birthday party so well. My mom made her a little green and pink dress and it was so cute. We had all the little 1st birthday pink decorations and I set out pictures of her birth until her 1st birthday. She had her own little cake that she literally ended up having on her body from head to toe. I love watching that video. Her hair grew in more and more and ended up curly. She starting walking at 13 months and talking there soon after (and hasn't stopped since!!). She started being more of a daddy's girl and, boy, did he love that!

2 years old: Jordy and the terrible twos...boy did she hit that stage exactly at 2! Her fits could out-do any child's fits. Luckily she didn't throw them very often in public, but at home she would throw her head back and start kicking as hard as she could!! But she was my little girlie girl. She started to LOVE babies, strollers, and purses more than I could have ever imagined. This was the year that Tony and I moved to Cleburne and were married. She was the flower girl and took bridal portraits with me, which were tons of fun! Although Grammie knew her girl quite well when we lived in Abilene, it was a much different story when we moved in with Grammie and Pops. She became (and still is) the most spoiled child EVER!!

3 years old: I was very pregnant during when she turned three and she was SO excited about getting a little brother. She would rub my belly and talk to Malachi all the time. It was so sweet. After I had Malachi she was ALL about him. She was (and still is) the best big sister! She was my little runner for diapers, wipes, etc. and she was good at her job! She would copy everything that me or Tony would say to Malachi in the funniest voice. Christmas was more fun than ever this year with her because she actually understood "Santa" and was so excited about her presents.

4 years old: This year became her "I have an opinion and I'm going to share it" year. She has been more bold than ever before. She has attended pre-K and is already sounding out words. She cries (literally) every morning that I don't put her in a dress or a skirt. She likes to pick out her own outfits, which you know don't EVER match! She loves to wear her hair down. She still loves her Malachi to pieces and is still the best big sister EVER! She likes to watch the cheerleaders at sporting events and if you know me, you know that is not the alley that we are used to!! She looks adorable in her baseball uniform, but wishes I would put her in a dance class! My perfect little angel has got her clip pulled a few times at school and she beats herself up, so Tony and I don't even have to worry about punishing her.

So, now we're at 5! I still don't know where all the time has gone. To her mommy she is the prettiest little girl on Earth and so very sweet. She always offers her brothers anything she has and says the kindest things to people. Although I didn't birth her, she is a definite gift from God that I will be ever so grateful for. We'll see where this year takes adventures starting kindergarten in August!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Jordenne!!!

**I will add pictures later :)