Monday, June 29, 2009

Jacket Baseball

Not a very intriguing title, but I couldn't think of anything! Earlier when I wrote the blog I couldn't believe I didn't have any pictures of Isaak playing this what did this mom do? Definitely took my camera to the baseball game tonight! We thought this would be the last game of the season, but we played well so we will play on!

Isaak playing pitcher

Good cut...just not at a good pitch!

Meeting after the big win!

So--not baseball, but just thought I'd show you what I saw when I came in the bathroom this morning after running bath water for Jordenne...he thought it was very funny.

Birthdays, Brooklyn, Big Boy, Baking, and Baseball!!

June has flown by and we have been super busy enjoying our summer! It's coming to a close and many big things have happened...Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahan, and Billy Mays have all passed away this month. My little brother was offered a job at the school where I teach and coach. I am excited about that!

We started off the month celebrating little Emily's 3rd birthday. We missed her Tinkerbell party because of a baseball game so we took her to McDonald's!

Those are Emily's arms and legs!!

Then Tony's friend from Abilene, Jared, and his daughter, Brooklyn, came to visit! The kids had a blast playing together and we enjoyed watching the Rangers sweep the Angels on a Sunday afternoon!

My big boy, Malachi, is starting to use the big boy potty! He is so funny because he won't sit on the potty without a magazine or a book! He doesn't use it consistently yet, but we're getting there. I cannot believe he will be two in only two short weeks. It is so bittersweet because I absolutely love every new stage that he goes through, but I am so sad that he is growing up so quickly!

Excuse the hair!! It was wake up time :)

So, I really want to be a good cook. My mother-in-law always cooks food that is too die for. It doesn't matter what she cooks or how long it takes her, every meal is fabulous. I reminded my husband right before he married me that I would never be able to cook like his momma :). Now, I am not going to start off with major hard things to those that the recipe calls for 10 ingredients that I've never even heard of!! I am taking baby steps... First, sweet cornbread and then loaded mashed potatoes...

Tony loved the cornbread...yea! The loaded mashed potatoes were good, but not great...I'll have to do a little work to make them better!

Baseball--our life from March through July, but Malachi's life 90% of the time! He always has a bat or a glove with him. Most of the time we are home he is wearing his baseball helmet and "running the bases." He is ready to be on the field!! Isaak has had a pretty good season. He is playing select ball so we spend most of our weekends at baseball tournaments. He has improved so much over season. I am so proud of him! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of him actually playing :(

We leave for Alabama this week so I will have more to blog about when we get back!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Prayers....Big Lessons!

Today at lunch Chi was in his high chair and Jordy had just sat down at the table in front of her sandwich and chips and this was said:

J: Come on Mom, we need to talk to God.

M: Okay, Jordenne. Pray for us.

J: Dear God, Thank you for the food that we are eating. Thank you for Malachi and Mommy and Isaak. We bless you, we bless you. Thank you for Jesus. I am talking to you from the bottom of my heart! I love you. Amen.
*not sure what she meant by we bless you, but God knows :)

I just went back to the sink and prayed to God and thanked him for such an amazing daughter. He has already shown her how to love and how to pray. She meant every word that she said. I just thought to myself about how many times I've prayed and how shallow it was because it turned into something I just said..."Thank you for Jesus"...Jordy reminded me that I need to talk to God from the bottom of my heart EVERY time I pray.