Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miles James

I am 21 weeks along, which means I have 17 more weeks to go! I really doesn't seem like that long, especially with everything I need to do before he gets here. I have had lots of doctors appointments and go to the cardiologist today. Honestly, I'm a little nervous about going to the cardiologist. I guess I think if I don't think about it then nothing is wrong! I'm going to believe that nothing is wrong because I have an amazing doctor taking care of me--God!

Anyway, off to the real reason I started this post--my son's name.

I just really love the name Miles. It was the first name I thought of and Tony liked it, too! I can't imagine him being anything else. Malachi was "Carter" for the first seven months of my pregnancy and then we switched...I don't think we'll be changing with this one!
What a strong name, right? This name is after three men, whom Tony and I love dearly.
Tony's dad. He is such a strong, devoted Christian. He is a man of integrity; a man that I would love all three boys to grow up and be just like. He raised Tony from a young age. He loves Tony and his siblings like they are his own blood. He has a great sense of humor. He doesn't share his opinion much, but when he does we listen. He has great words of wisdom. He loves to give us heck about the Cowboys (which deserve it this year) and the Rangers. I love to sit and talk with him when we visit. He is such a great grandpa and we are so honored to name our son after Dad.
My Papa. Growing up we were always at Papa's shop watching the king of furniture build his masterpieces. Because of Papa, Miles will use the word "sofa" instead of "couch." Growing up we took all our vacations with Papa in the motorhome. He always took time to make sure we kids were having fun, even if it meant him busting his bottom during a game of tag! In my adult life, I have learned just how much love he has for Jesus. How he wants all of us to grow in the Lord. I have learned great lessons from his life and I love the example he has set for my sons. It gives Tony and I such joy to be able to name our son after Papa.
Papaw. Papaw is Isaak and Jordenne's grandfather. He is very special to me because he loved me without hesitation from the second I met him. He was a great Papa to all three of my kids. He has such a love for people. He could talk for hours about anything. He loved baseball. He loved preaching. He adored anything that would be of service to others. He never hesitated to share his opinion with me or Tony, and we are thankful for that! He is not on Earth anymore, but he has given Tony and I great stories to share with Miles. He will be Miles' angel! We are very proud to name our son after Papaw.
We are so excited that we will be able to meet Miles in just a few short months! Please keep us and our health in your prayers!


  1. I love his name! my daddy's name is James.. it's a good name :)

  2. Miles James Cunningham already has a special place in my heart :)....Can't wait to see what GOD has planned for Mr. Miles....Love him already and I love you my sweet daughter!!