Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ten of My Favorite Things...

I love reading blogs when people journal about their favorite things, so I've decided to write about ten of my favorite things! (By the way, these are in no particular order!)

1. My children! I cannot say enough about how much joy they bring into my life. I get so excited when I see pregnant couples because they just don't know how exciting their life is about to become!

2. My husband. He is a complete doll. He is my best friend. God did such a good job molding him for me. I am blessed. :)3. Coaching. Although it does take up a lot of my time, it is so rewarding. Middle school girls are both fun and challenging. This is a picture of my first team. We went 7-0 in district. These girls will always be very special to me! 4. Playoffs! Playoffs bring such great games to watch. The intensity and competitiveness rises to a new level. The Mavericks just won in game 1 against the Spurs. I was lucky enough to get to go to the Cowboys playoff game against the Eagles this past season and it was amazing. The atmosphere is unbelievable. Some of you may think I'm crazy when I say that's what I imagine Heaven to be like. So excited that I will be a part of it!
5. Baseball. I love spring because it brings baseball season along with it! One of my absolute favorite things to do is go to the Ballpark in Arlington. We go to about 15 games a year and watch almost all the other ones on television. I like gametracker for when I'm away, too. I am definitely wishing that we make it to the World Series this year! I also love to watch my oldest son play ball. He plays on a select team and has since kindergarten. Hopefully, these same boys will play together through high school.

6. Coke. I really like Coca-Cola~the real thing. I drink Diet Coke a lot, but that's just because it doesn't have any calories! This is Jordy with two of my loves at the Coca-Cola Factory in Atlanta last summer.

7. Cruising!!! My husband and I were married on a cruise ship. This July I will go on my fourth cruise. There is not much better than being in the middle of the ocean with family and friends, but no computers, phones, emails, etc... It is so relaxing and such fun for all of us to get together!

8. Shopping for Jordenne. I know...sounds vain; but I do love to shop for her!

9. Baths. I don't get to take them often, but a warm bath with candles and a capella music is a very relaxing time for me.

10. Coming home to a clean house. My husband, like I mentioned before, is amazing. He stays home with Malachi during the week and one day a week he spends the entire day cleaning. It is so nice to come home to a place where clothes and toys don't occupy the floor!


  1. We have a lot of the same favorite things in common! I love baths, a clean house and cruises! Great new pictures of the kids!

  2. My list would be very similar to yours! Your coaching pic makes me miss coaching!